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How do you decide the quantum of security required for your facility or establishment?

In our experience, the following are two key aspects to consider:

Visible Threat Perception –Such threats may be internal or external, but in either case, there are data points to suggest the threat, and the security system must handle all scenarios of such threats. Each industry has its own set of threats to address. Most of the automation using security cameras and access control systems is usually designed to address such threats because the potential risk is quantifiable, and hence the amount of money that one needs to spend on the security system can be planned accordingly.

Latent Threat Perception – Such threats are not visible to people except to the most experienced security professionals who have seen multiple industries and security breaches. Such threats do not have a history to use for security planning purposes. The underlying philosophy in addressing such threats is as follows: “If it has not happened so far, does not mean it will not happen in future”. Such threats may never materialize, but if they do, they could take down the organization. We work with our clients to anticipate and plan for such threats.

Industrial Security Services

Whether you operate a multi-location company or a small single-location company, we at SAINT 7 International Pte Ltd understand the security issues and requirements. Our extensive security experience, and our Licence by the Security Industry Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force, enables us to handle all industrial security concerns like:

Security System Installation Services

The key factors to evaluate a Security Systems Installation provider are:

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