Private Investigation Services

Our Private Detectives in Singapore are equipped with specialized investigation skills and surveillance technology to gather evidence quickly and stealthily from marital affairs to corporate fraud.

General Surveillance

Surveillance can refer to surveillance cameras, aerial surveillance, profiling, social network analysis, computer surveillance, and, of course, human operatives that carry out surveillance. The term can be fairly ambiguous and, at the same time, fairly broad for being so vague. Therefore, individuals such as those employed by SAINT 7 are highly trained and experienced in a number of different areas so as to be able to provide you the client the very best and the most successful of services.

Corporate Investigation And Business Investigation

SAINT 7 will be able to provide you with highly trained, highly professional, and highly knowledgeable private investigators that will be able to help you find, collect, and analyze any information that you need. SAINT 7 will be able to match you up with a private investigator that has an applicable working knowledge of your business and your business needs. After all, not all businesses are alike and not all businesses need the same information. SAINT 7 will be able to specialize it services to you the client. You and your business will be treated with respect and dignity, and you will be able to expect the proposed outcomes of any investigation conducted. Most importantly, SAINT 7 will be able to work as clandestinely as possible. Like it was said before, the business world is a messy, secretive place; you don’t want knowledge of a shoddy private investigation reaching the ears of your competitors. It is best to work with a professional.

Undercover And Infiltration Operation

SAINT 7 is one of many private investigative services that will be able to help you successfully conduct an undercover or infiltration operation. However, unlike many other investigative services, SAINT 7 will be able to provide clients with highly professional, experienced private investigators with up to date, powerful technology at their disposal. Unlike many issues that could potentially call for the help of private investigative services, undercover and infiltration operations require two things that are unavailable to non-professionals: manpower and technology. Private investigative services are able to provide a team that would be otherwise unavailable to amateurs that were attempting to act on their own. Additionally, private investigative services are able to provide the high-tech surveillance technology that is required to discover suspect employees, track their movements, and document actions in such a way that information would stand up in court if a company chooses to pursue legal action.

Why Choose Us


We don’t see your case as a number. We know that your situation means the world to you and we listen to your concerns attentively as every case is different and unique.


We value your trust and we believe upholding confidentiality is a given. Our mutual trust is a pre-requisite before we even take on your case.


We take pride in what we do and perform all our tasks professionally. We respect the situations that our clients go through and act only in your best interest to achieve the best outcome.


With our combined military & police background, coupled with human behavior & psychological analysis, you can be assured every task is well strategised before execution.

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