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SAINT7 International Pte Ltd established in 2010, provides total security solutions for clients in the commercial, industrial, residential, governmental and security industry marketplaces. SAINT7 International’s comprehensive line of value-added products and services runs the spectrum of perimeter security and anti-terrorist products to facility access control and leading-edge technology-based integrated systems.

SAINT7 International offers a wide selection of security and alarm systems for your office and home. We specialize in security products; such as: CCTV Video Surveillance Systems, GPS Tracking System, NFC & “LIVE” Guard Tour System with GPS, Visitor Management Systems, Licence Plate Recognition Systems, Access Control Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems & Customized Software Solutions.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals in the areas of Access Control, Alarm System, Software Solutions. We also have expertise in the following :

  • Broadcast-Notification System
  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Equipments & Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance System
  • Virtual Management System
  • Visitor Management System (Various Platforms)
  • E-Supervisory, E-Incident, E-Clocking, E-Occurrence
  • Licence Plate Recognition System (Various Platforms)
  • Worn Body Camera Live Streaming
  • E-Training Platform
  • HRMS Systems
  • Burglar Alarm System

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