What is Outcome-Based Security Contract (OBC)?

OBC is a Security Contract that focuses on outcomes mutually agreed by both the buyer and provider of security services.

The holistic approach provides an Analytical iterative process to ensure that the security protection is always relevant by using integrated technology and skilled manpower. It is a Risk-based approach where vulnerable critical assets are identified and provided with threat-oriented protection. This prioritization recognizes that it is not possible to protect everything as budget and resources are often limited. It eliminates non-essentials and focuses on relevant security activities.

Unlike the Manpower Headcount Model, the OBC Model is Strategic as it addresses security challenges and concerns and aligns itself with organizational goals and objectives when resolving threats, reducing risks, or eliminating harms.

OBC is a Measurement tool. It sets targets (KPIs), track actions, responses and outcomes when dealing with existing and emerging risks and threats and rewards for good performance outcomes.

Integrated security calls for the integration with Technology, that uses Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (loTs) with the vast use of video and data analytics in daily security operations.

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